Executive Coaching for Success in the New Year

Looking Back and Moving Forward — A Reflection for (even) More Success in the New Year

This time of the year is always a good time to reflect and to plan for the next year. Most people I work with are extremely busy, and many tell themselves that they don’t have any time for reflection. But if you don’t find that time, you will find yourself always in reactive mode, just somehow picking up the pieces that others throw at you. At the end of the day you feel you have not accomplished much — and suddenly you notice another year has just rushed by, and you wonder what you have actually done the whole time…

lead without authority executive coach

How to Lead Effectively without Formal Authority

As a manager these days, you often have to lead without formal authority, that is leading without being the boss. You may work on a project with peers internationally, or your may be an expert without any direct reports who is never less expected to exert influence on the organization. This may sound difficult, but will eventually get a lot easier, be fun eventually, when you follow these seven steps.