Is This Program For You?

This program helps executives in multinational corporations to take their leadership to the next level and deliver better business results with existing resources.

If you have this nagging feeling that business results could be better, but you don’t know how and you have caught yourself wondering…

  • How could people be more engaged in what they do every day?
  • How can we attract top talent and retain the best performers in our industry?
  • How can we deliver even better results with our existing team and budget?

Then this leadership development program is for you.

Your problem is not strategy. Your problem is not the economy. Your problem is people.

If you want better overall business performance, then you need leaders who can create an environment that enables people to excel. Results are achieved through people – people who are aligned and inspired to give their best. And it’s your leaders who can create the biggest impact on the results you are getting.


Do Your Leaders Inspire People To Give Their Very Best Every Day?

No matter how good or experienced your leaders are, there is always room for improvement. I help multinational corporations like yours improve business performance by helping your leaders get better results through people.

This executive leadership development program is based on my experience in senior corporate roles in Europe and in Asia, and over a thousand hours of executive coaching. It combines assessments, tools and individual coaching sessions to suit each of your leaders’ specific needs.

Your leaders will follow seven interconnected steps, gaining new insights into their own strengths and development areas. They will understand how key stakeholders perceive them and what specifically is expected of them. Your leaders will develop new leadership skills, gain clarity and focus, and will be enabled to take their and their team’s performance to the next level — without additional resources!

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The Seven Interconnected Steps


Exploring the Current and Future Situations in the Economic Context


Using Proven Tools and Assessments to Help your Leaders Gain New Insights


Refine and Specify Goals For Each Leader


Plotting a Course that Delivers Sustainable Results


Delivering on Promises and Creating the Right Impact.


Ensuring Your Leaders Stay on Track and Complete the Course


Review the program outcomes.


Unlimited Support

Your leaders get all the support that they need – without having to keep track of the hours we spend together. The value for you is in the results we achieve, and not in the hours spent coaching. Whilst coaching sessions can be scheduled, some problems just can’t wait: your executives can call me any time, they can send me as many emails as they like, and we can have up to one 1:1 coaching session per week.

Open Duration Sessions

Your executives never have to clock watch during coaching sessions. There is no optimum duration for a coaching session. I had clients who achieved breakthroughs in 30 minutes, and other sessions that took more than 2 hours. Whilst we will be focused and efficient, a session will not end before it is complete for your executive.

Professional Assessments

Your leaders will get invaluable insight into their strengths and how they are perceived. They will benefit from selective use of proven tools and assessments, which are included at no additional costs, e.g.: Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®), Voices® or Tilt 360 Degree Feedback, 6-10 Personalized Stake-Holder Interviews, Hogan Lead, GAPS Analysis, Coach Master Toolkit, and more…

A Risk Free Investment

You have nothing to lose. If your executive or your organisation are not getting the results you expect, you can step out of the program anytime during the first month, and you will get your payment refunded in full.


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Dr. Gerrit Pelzer’s MBTI workshop was not only an extremely enjoyable and insightful exercise for our entire team, but also has had a lasting effect that continues to benefit the participants many months post workshop…


MBTI Myers-Briggs Type Indicator
Matt, Managing Partner, Shanghai

Gerrit was a valuable support to me during my transition into a new level of leadership in a new culture. I also engaged Gerrit to run a one day Leadership Workshop for my management committee; I was amazed with how much we could accomplished within one day!

Serena, General Manager, Bangkok

I approached Dr. Gerrit Pelzer for coaching before undertaking a dramatic career change. I was considering a move to a Fortune 500 company and this was very unfamiliar territory for me. I had previously worked with a life coach but was looking in this case for a more executive approach….

Noah, Managing Director, Thailand

Gerrit Pelzer helped me gain more clarity on my goals. I feel more focused, and follow-up more consistently on achieving these goals. Gerrit has the necessary theoretical background to transfer substantial knowledge into practical use that produces results. His ability to create an atmosphere of trust makes his coaching utmost effective…

Torsten, Managing Director, Bangkok

“Today I got a great score in my annual review – higher than I rated myself, although I thought I was pushing it already. My boss mentioned that I improved significantly since I started the executive coaching with Dr. Gerrit Pelzer!”

Billy, Account Manager, Thailand

Gerrit Pelzer guided me through a structured coaching process that helped me see the big picture. As a result of the coaching I see my business unfolding more clearly, and I feel more confident as entrepreneur. I recommend Gerrit as a professional coach to anyone seeking support in gaining clarity about their professional goals and achieving them.

Magnus, Entrepreneur, Sweden

My job as Corporate Education Leader covers Asia Pacific; constructive communication skill is vital in between the US and Asia. Through Dr. Gerrit Pelzer’s workshop, I have learned about various personality types and how we think and react differently in the same situations….

EJ, Corporate Education Leader Asia Pacific, Singapore

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