360 Degree Feedback: Find Hidden Strengths and Blind Spots to Improve Performance

Discover your hidden strengths and blind spots to set the stage for your leadership development.

360 Degree Feedbacks are valuable leadership development tools. 360 Degree Feedbacks help you to decide what areas to focus on if you want to take your leadership capabilities to the next level. 360ies are proven means to improve performance. You may

  • find that some things come easy to you and perhaps you were not aware how much others value your talent (hidden strength).
  • think you are doing well in a certain area, but others don’t see it this way (blind spot).
  • want to identify what strengths you can build on and which need further development.

In combination with a personal development plan and executive coaching, 360 Degree Feedbacks are powerful tools to unlock your leadership potential and optimize perception management.

My favorite tool is Korn Ferry’s KF360 (formerly Voices® 360):

KF 360 (Voices®) 360 Degree Feedback

Based on 38 thoroughly researched Korn Ferry Leadership Architect™  competencies, KF 360 Degree Feedback is probably the most comprehensive 360 tool out there. Key features are:

  • Skill-Importance Matrix: determine which specific leadership skills you need to develop in order to excel in your leadership role
  • 10 Career Stallers & Stoppers: avoid the most common leadership derailment traps
  • FYI — For Your Improvement: understand what skilled behaviour looks like for each leadership competency, and how you can improve your leadership skills accordingly, step by step (click here for a sample chapter)

Upon request, I will be happy to send you a KF 360 sample report.

I can also offer Hogan 360 and Tilt 365, should you prefer these formats.

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360 Degree Feedback Voices

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