Coaching Skills for Leaders: Empower & Enthuse Your Team

Your success as a leader will be measured by how well your team performs. Using coaching techniques as a leader can turn your high potentials into top performers and help them deliver the results you desire. 

“The leaders job is not to provide the answer but instead to frame the right questions for which answers are developed and discovered by the collective intelligence of the people.”
–Ron Heifetz, Senior Lecturer in Public Leadership, Harvard University

As a leader you deal with an enormous complexity in a fast paced world. You are expected to provide solutions for pressing problems instantly. More and more you depend on your most valuable resource: the people working with you! Your team members need your support to work autonomously and effectively towards the common goal.

Learn key coaching skills from one of Thailand’s leading executive coaches and the Vice President of the ICF Bangkok Chapter, Dr. Gerrit Pelzer, PCC to

  • encourage, empower, and enthuse your team members
  • help them take more initiative
  • instill a feeling of accountability for results

Organizations which have implemented a coaching culture report on the “soft” side improved teamwork, better morale, and employee retention. The hard facts are improved productivity, better quality, and higher profitably.

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