FAQ Leadership Development Executive CoachingI want results fast! What is the minimum time for an effective leadership development/executive coaching program?

We all want results fast, don’t we? The reality is

  • 100% of the executives I work with are super-busy
  • it is likely that during the course of our leadership development/executive coaching program something unforeseen happens, and
  • for most people, behavioral change is incredibly difficult, and we need to accept that it takes time to achieve change that is sustainable

Some research indicates that the best results in executive coaching are achieved after around one year of coaching. Executive coach Marshall Goldsmith expects from his clients a minimum commitment of 18 months.

What is our minimum commitment for your leadership development or executive coaching programs?

Your minimum commitment should be six months. Then we will review what you have achieved during this time, what your next steps are, and if you want to continue working with me on a retainer basis.

Some of our leaders have never worked with an executive coach before. What if coaching does not work for some?

No worries, the vast majority of my clients has not worked with an executive coach before. If you sign up for the Six Month Leadership Upgrade, and you do not get the results that you expect in the first month, you can step out of the program and you pay only for this first month.

We want individual executive coaching, but we do not need the assessments included in the Leadership Upgrade Program.

No problem. My CEO Coaching might be exactly what you are looking for. It’s a tailor-made executive coaching program that suits your top level leaders.

What are your hourly rates for executive coaching?

My experience is that executive coaching (or any leadership development) does not work like an “hourly service”. Consequently, I only work on a retainer basis with a minimum commitment of 6 months. Why? Because this is what gets you the best results.

Where do you offer executive coaching and leadership development?

The world is a global village, and with technology improving daily, executive coaching sessions and leadership development programs can be delivered remotely (via phone, Skype, or other Internet platforms) virtually everywhere in the world. If you need to meet me in person, you are welcome to visit me at my home office (Thonglor, Sukhumvit 55, Bangkok), but generally virtual coaching is more efficient.
(see also Seven Reasons Why You Should Use Telephone Coaching)

Ok, we definitely need your leadership development program. How much is our investment?

The Six Month Leadership Upgrade is currently priced at 75,000 THB (ca. 2,400 USD) per month and person, payable in two installments for three months in advance. Note that this “all inclusive” program includes tools and assessments like 360 Degree Feedback, MBTI®, Hogan, or Stake-Holder Interviews and unlimited support.

Any other questions? Don’t hesitate to contact me now:

email: gerrit@vivocoaching.com

phone: +66-2 107 2025