Coaching: A Leadership Power-Tool for the 21st Century Organization!

Please join me for this complimentary executive seminar at the opening of the Wall Street Institute English Learning Centre Mega Bangna


Thursday May 17, 2012 10:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.
Wall Street Institute Mega Bangna, Bangkok, Thailand
Seats are limited to the first 50. Book now to secure your place.
Call 02 660 3093 or e-mail: to reserve your seat today!

“The leaders’ job is not to provide the answer but instead to frame the right questions for which answers are developed and discovered by the collective intelligence of the people.”
-Ron Heifetz, Senior Lecturer in Public Leadership, Harvard University


The Problem
In our fast-paced world, leaders everywhere are expected to provide solutions for pressing problems instantly. However, many of today’s challenges cannot be tackled by a “quick-fix”, technical approach. Leaders risk derailment and leading the organization into failure if they try to provide all answers themselves and tell people what to do.


The Solution
Most 21st century challenges require an adaptive approach. There are no immediate solutions for novel problems. Leaders as well as organizations must embrace the uncertainty of stepping into the unknown. Leveraging the full brain-power of their organization is the key to excel. Professional coaching is a power tool to encourage, empower, and enthuse people at all levels to contribute to the best solution to the most demanding challenges.


This Seminar
This seminar is right for you if you are an Executive (CEO, MD, GM, VP, Director, Senior Manager…) or a HR or T&D Manager. You will learn how to use key coaching skills to excel as a leader and use the full potential of your organization. Dr. Gerrit Pelzer, one of Thailand’s leading Executive Coaches will share some of his most successful professional coaching techniques with you exclusively at Wall Street.


Seats are limited to the first 50. Book now to secure your place.
Call 02 660 3093 or e-mail: to reserve your seat today!

Download pdf here:


About Dr. Gerrit Pelzer
Dr. Gerrit Pelzer is one of Thailand’s leading Executive Coaches. He is a Certified Professional Coach (International Coach Academy), and he is one of only five coaches in Thailand credentialed by the International Coach Federation (ICF). The ICF is the biggest coaching organization worldwide, dedicated to setting the highest professional standards for coaching.


Gerrit is also an accredited Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® Administrator (MBTI®), and brings to the table over 12 years of senior management experience in Asia and in Europe. Thus, he is familiar with the challenges executives are facing in today’s hectic business world.


As a personal coach he has helped numerous executives all across the world to become better leaders while maintaing a healthy balance in their professional & personal lives. They learn to re-gain focus and take the most effective actions to achieve their desired results. Gerrit’s clients report that executive coaching has helped them feel more confident and be in control. They deal more effectively with their teams, and improve business performance. They value his passion for their success and his personal but professional approach.


Among Gerrit’s clients are multi-national corporations and organizations such as Bayer, B. Grimm, Merck, Nestle, Reckitt Benckiser, Tesco Lotus, and The World Bank.


Contact Gerrit Pelzer now in case of any questions or comments:

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