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“To be normal is the ideal aim of the unsuccessful.”
-Carl G. Jung

When it comes to setting goals, what is the biggest mistake people make? They don’t take the time to sit down and think! Now take the time that you need to go through this questionnaire thoughtfully, be it 3 minutes or 3 days.
I appreciate your trust and I keep our communications confidential. You will receive a copy of your answers to the email address that you enter below.

1. Looking back at 2011, how satisfied are you overall with the year professionally and personally? Please rate on a scale of 1-10 with 10 = "it could not have been any better" and 1 = "one more year like this and I’ll better shoot myself" (You don’t do that, of course!)

2. Did you set goals for 2011 or did you have a New Year Resolution? If yes, have you achieved your goals or did you stick with the resolution over the year? Rate again 1-10. 1 = "my New Year resolution was forgotten by Jan 2nd"; 10 = "I have fully achieved all my goals for 2011"

3. If you did not set any goals for 2011, was that good or do you think it would have been more helpful to have had some goals?

4. Would you like to set some goals for 2012? If so, what are these goals?

5. Now, this is really important: what will you gain when you achieve these goals? What will it cost you?

6. Is there anything that you wanted to change in your life for a longer period of time, but you never actually made this change? If yes, what is it?

7. This is again very important: if you have not achieved your goals or if you have not made the changes you wanted to make, what do you think has kept you from doing it?

8. Describe the life you dream of:

Do you have any questions or comments before we meet?

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