Some of my clients for leadership development and executive coaching:

leadership development executive coaching clientsI love diversity! I have worked with great people from the following countries:

Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Cambodia, Canada, China, Denmark, Egypt, England, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Japan, Kazakhstan, Laos, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands, Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Africa, Sweden, Thailand, United States of America, and Vietnam

And this is what some of them say:

Prior to hiring Dr. Gerrit Pelzer as my coach I was struggling, both personally and professionally. Gerrit has helped me with both.

With Gerrit I’ve found a skilled consultant, and a good listener. He’s taken time to understand my personal life, which sets the background for my struggles at work. Through a structured yet flexible coaching program, I’ve made a lot of progress in the few months we’ve been working together.

Through a series of exercises and discussions I’ve been able to:

-clarify my priorities in life

-objectively understand my position in my career

-set clear steps toward achieving my goal of a new job that will be more aligned with my interests and values

-reduce the day to day pressures that were wasting my valuable energy

-waste less time on ‘non core’ tasks, both personally and professionally

Dr. Gerrit has provided me with a custom made program of executive coaching. He clearly has a bag full of tools, and but only pulls out the ones that will benefit me at the time. Through discussions of common experiences, he made me feel like he’s been in my shoes. I believe he creates this feeling with all his clients.

Carl, Senior Manager, Thailand

Noah, Managing Director, Thailand“I approached Dr. Gerrit Pelzer for coaching before undertaking a dramatic career change. I was considering a move to a Fortune 500 company and this was very unfamiliar territory for me. I had previously worked with a life coach but was looking in this case for a more executive approach.

Dr. Pelzer has a confident but relaxed approach to his coachees. He is highly attentive, very knowledgable and has the ability to remember intricate details from previous sessions.

Dr. Pelzer has helped me considerably through a tough decision making time to gain clarity, increased

confidence and renewed energy.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Dr. Pelzer to anyone considering executive coaching.”

Noah, Managing Director, Thailand

“Gerrit Pelzer was a valuable support to me during my transition into a new level of leadership in a new culture. As an executive coach, Gerrit listened foremost, and helped me identify the challenges I was having. He was instrumental in providing me with a sounding board as I was deciding on a complex organizational restructure and strategic business model change.
During this time, I also engaged Gerrit to run a one day Leadership Workshop for my management committee. The workshop was well planned and executed, and I was amazed with how much we could accomplished within a day. Thanks Gerrit!”

Serena, Country General Manager, L’Oreal

EJ, Corporate Education Leader Asia Pacific, Singapore“My job as Corporate Education Leader covers Asia Pacific; constructive communication skill is vital in between the US and Asia. Through Dr. Gerrit Pelzer’s workshop, I have learned about various personality types and how we think and react differently in the same situations.

His workshop definitely helped me to broaden my view of the DIFFERENCE and provided me a chance to put myself in the other person’s shoes. It is useful in both my personal and professional life to reduce conflicts with others.

Gerrit delivered messages to everyone very clearly even though we had 24 participants from 12 different countries.

According to our internal survey, 100% of participants replied either strongly agree or agree for the question ‘I can take what I learned in this session and apply it to my job.’

Gerrit is well organized speaker who knows how to deliver clear messages to everyone. It would be nice if he can expand his business to Asia as a whole.”

EJ, Corporate Education Leader Asia Pacific, Singapore
BDP International

Magnus, Entrepreneur, Sweden“Gerrit Pelzer guided me through a structured coaching process that helped me see the big picture. As a result of the coaching I see my business unfolding more clearly, and I feel more confident as entrepreneur. I recommend Gerrit as a professional coach to anyone seeking support in gaining clarity about their professional goals and achieving them.”

Magnus, Entrepreneur, Sweden

Billy, Account Manager, Thailand“Today I got a great score in my annual review – higher than I rated myself, although I thought I was pushing it already. My boss mentioned that I improved significantly since I started the executive coaching with Dr. Gerrit Pelzer!”

Billy, Account Manager, Thailand

Torsten, Managing Director, Bangkok“Gerrit Pelzer helped me gain more clarity on my goals. I feel more focused, and follow-up more consistently on achieving these goals. Gerrit has the necessary theoretical background to transfer substantial knowledge into practical use that produces results. His ability to create an atmosphere of trust makes his coaching utmost effective. I recommend Gerrit’s executive coaching particularly for managers who want to improve their capabilities in setting the right goals and achieving them.”

Torsten, Managing Director, Bangkok

“The MBTI methodology helped me and my team become more aware of people’s different needs and preferences in terms of communication, planning, organizing, detail orientation or big picture vision. Instead of being sources for tensions we can now work on drawing strengths from these differences. Applying this awareness in our daily interactions is helping us communicate more effectively with each other and with our colleagues and clients. Teams who are serious about their long term relations – internally and externally – should definitely consider MBTI training as part of their team building exercises, it’s a worthwhile investment.

Gerrit Pelzer is a very structured and organized coach and facilitator, adept at explaining the MBTI methodology and giving many relevant examples making the types easy for participants to understand and identify with.”

Team Leader within The World Bank

The “Goal Setting Session” with Coach Gerrit was amazing! I learnt the 8 simple steps from his lively and enthusiastic coaching, and it enabled me to think thoroughly of my goals and understand how to achieve them. He advised me on what I do right and what I can do better. Using a series of great questions enabled me to reflect on my short term goals, long term goals, and my life dream. After the session, I felt like I peeled the onion of my true goals and how I can embark on a journey to success. Gerrit Pelzer’s coaching mastery skills are a great asset for any senior manager looking for an outstanding executive coach!

Pittaya, Senior Manager, Bangkok, Thailand

“I made a great decision hiring Gerrit as my executive coach. We had many powerful discussions and he raised my awareness of what it really takes to excel as a leader. I always enjoyed my discussions with Gerrit and his approach was personalized and comfortable. He helped me identify gaps in addition to opening my mind to possible solutions and taking the necessary action. The outcomes improved the performance of my sales results and opened new possibilities for my company. I recommend Gerrit to anyone looking for a reliable coach to help you with your professional and personal growth.”

Nick, Managing Partner, Tokyo, Japan

“Gerrit has made a significant contribution to my regaining confidence in my own skills, prioritizing and managing my time plus regaining a sensible balance in my personal and business life.

I have worked in the food industry for over 35 years, and for the last 20 years at senior levels in the Australian and Asian food industries, including living and working in Malaysia and Thailand for quite a number of years now. Despite my experience, I was aware that I was struggling with time management at work and at home. When Gerrit and I began working together, we clarified my goals of regaining a work and life balance, including clarity of my real priorities at work and in my personal life. Gerrit helped me ‘help myself’, including prioritizing and acting on my priorities every day, plus no longer working 12 or more hours each day; balancing short and longer term goals.

Through coaching I understood why and how my planning was sometimes unrealistic, and together with Gerrit I created a structure that helped me be more effective & efficient. Today, I feel more in control and I deal comfortably with the daily challenges at work.

I work more realistically in terms of time allocated to tasks and long term projects, and while I may still occasionally work a ‘long day’ it has become the exception rather than the rule. Working longer is a conscious decision I make when necessary, no longer an inevitability.

The balance has returned to my life, spending genuine quality time with my family and personal time at the gym, enjoying a good coffee with friends, etc.

Gerrit achieves a balance of gently challenging and guiding his clients in his coaching, to achieve our goals.

Working with Gerrit has had an excellent ROI for me!

I am please to recommend Gerrit’s executive coaching to senior managers who want to be more successful ‘in the office and at home’, and regain a meaningful work/ life balance.

Ken – Business Development Manager, Thailand

“As the CEO of one of the largest global freight-forwarding networks, my challenge is to align our international, multi-cultural team towards a common goal. I invited Dr. Gerrit Pelzer to hold a workshop for over 100 senior executives from 40 countries on the topic ‘Success through Effective Team-Work and Collaboration.’ Gerrit came across in a professional and likable manner and, thanks to his level of English, every delegate was able to follow the session. Overall the session was a good warm-up to the start of the conference proper as it gave our members the opportunity to get to know each other prior to the one-to-one meetings. Gerrit is extremely qualified in the areas of leadership development, intercultural challenges and team performance.”

Antonio, CEO, Spain

“I had been appointed both as a regional CFO and a country manager for 1 year.

The region was growing very fast so my CFO job was very satisfying but the country I was in charge of was facing business difficulties and was quite disconnected from the corporate culture.

I was in a very dualistic situation. I was wondering how to speed up even more the region’s development by pushing some crucial projects in the mind of my company’s top management. I also wanted to re-motivate my local team as well as reconcile our European corporate culture with the local culture.

Above all, I wanted to succeed in all challenges in order to establish a stronger leadership locally and regionally as well as prepare for my future career development! Yes I wanted it all!

Moreover I needed an ear to listen to me actively and help me as I work far away from my global headquarters and simply felt lonely when facing all these situations.

The best words to describe what I gained from 10 sessions coaching with Gerrit are “clarity and higher confidence to face a crucial professional period as well as some very short-term successes”.

Gerrit played perfectly the active listener role. He asked few but relevant questions and also made very relevant statements that helped me also accepting some realities with fewer frustrations (you cannot control and change everything!).

Gerrit also helped me preparing a very important presentation that delivered the expected effect: increase tremendously my company’s top management understanding and interest about the region I am responsible for.

On a more personal basis and because professional and personal life are so closely related, Gerrit helped me to find clarity about what I really wanted (or not) for my future career development based on my personal aspirations.

I recommend Gerrit for local and regional leaders who need to re-focus, deliver quick successes and need support from outside their organization. Talking to someone who is not in your organization and plays this neutral person you can talk to in a trusted way is extremely valuable.”

ST, Regional CFO and Country MD, Bangkok, Thailand

“The executive coaching with Dr Gerrit Pelzer was an intense and rewarding learning experience. He is an attentive listener who combines a solid methodological approach with very practical professional life experiences to show the way on challenging management situations. His vast coaching experience enables him to advise on very different professional situations. The coaching discussions helped me gain clarity and learn from past experiences which I can take along as valuable baggage on my future professional path.”

B., Diplomat, Thailand
Delegation of the European Union to Thailand

Before I started executive coaching with Dr. Gerrit Pelzer, I struggled converting my ideas into actions. Although decision makers in my company said that I had “high potential”, they felt that not getting the buy-in from others might severely limit my career.

Looking back today, I am amazed that as a result of the coaching I didn’t take just one career step but in fact I climbed two steps on the career ladder in just one year!

Executive Coaching helped me communicate more effectively, convince others, and bridge cultural gaps. Coaching boosted my self-confidence, and others notice that nowadays I am more relaxed and control my emotions better.

I am surprised how apparently small changes in personal leadership style resulted in a huge return on investment!

Gerrit is an outstanding coach because he feels responsible for his clients’ success. He is an excellent listener who asks powerful, “annoying” questions. This facilitates reflecting on own behaviors and leads to solutions in a very encouraging manner. I also value that Gerrit had worked in a corporate environment before; I felt he had been in my shoes and really understood where I was coming from.

I highly recommend Gerrit’s professional coaching to any manager who wants to prepare for their next career step, boost their team’s efficiency, or improve their cross-cultural leadership effectiveness.

Bert, Director, Rayong, Thailand

“Gerrit Pelzer has the emotional and intellectual horse power under the bonnet to be really insightful and asked provocative questions that made me think about challenging issues more positively. He is reliable, logical and working with him has given me much greater clarity on my business niche. As a consequence I know how to take my business forward. Having an ‘impartial confidant’ has proved to be really beneficial and ensured I stayed focused on what mattered. Gerrit’s coaching program gets at the nub of self-limiting beliefs and instills a ‘can-do’ attitude. Coaching with Gerrit worked for me and I highly recommend him! “

Richard, Head of Recruitment, UK

”Overall, I was highly impressed with Dr. Gerrit Pelzer’s personable and professional approach to coaching, as was my audience. He combines a very natural presentation style with engagement of the audience, clear concepts and results driven content which actively demonstrates his expertise in coaching and ability to get instant results.”

David, Director, Thailand

“I relocated to Thailand with my company in pursuit of further professional and personal development. Very soon after arriving, I realised that challenges with a new environment and much broader role, were a lot greater than I imagined, nor prepared for. The result was unproductive mind-talk and lack of traction that needed a focused and supportive approach to get me aligned to the challenge that I was embarking upon.

Gerrit Pelzer helped me to identify the source of my problems and – more importantly – find solutions: within less than three months, I re-gained my direction and focus and started to ‘enjoy the journey’ much more and started to deliver some solid results. Today, I feel at ease, and I deal confidently with the inevitable daily challenges.

I am truly delighted I decided for executive coaching with Gerrit. Gerrit’s coaching style is natural and relaxed while at the same time he holds up the mirror and quickly digs persistently to the core of a problem. I always felt strongly supported and encouraged.

What I think makes Gerrit truly unique as an executive coach is his true passion and persistence for his clients’ success.”

Ross, Director, Thailand

Matt, Managing Partner, China“Dr. Gerrit Pelzer’s MBTI workshop was not only an extremely enjoyable and insightful exercise for our entire team, but also has had a lasting effect that continues to benefit the participants many months post workshop. I would highly recommend Gerrit and hope to work with him on various team development initiatives in the near future.”

Matt, Managing Partner, China

“Gerrit Pelzer is an excellent coach. Clearly he is quite bright and is a voracious reader, and he frequently brings references from his “library” to the table in the coaching session in a way that helps shake up perception powerfully. He is empathic but professional, insightful, patient, and has the right combination of flexibility coupled with a willingness to hold the client accountable. It has been my experience that some people who focus too much on accountability without an appreciation for the interference of “real life” come across as harsh and unrealistic; those who fail to confront appropriately, of course, are at risk of not helping the client reach his or her goals. Gerrit falls in neither camp, instead making the client feel supported and encouraging movement towards goals whether flexibility or accountability is called for. He has a well-developed sense of humor, which he applies appropriately and judiciously. It not only aids with rapport building but also in its own way helps with the development of greater insight and clarity. He is very good at focusing a conversation and helping the client narrow an area in which to work when needed. On a final note I will add that I am a doctoral level psychotherapist of more than twenty years experience and have been concerning myself with matters such as rapport building, use of confrontational skills, accountability, and change agents for above these two decades, and that is the filter I bring to my assessment of Gerrit’s formidable skills.”

G., Psy.D., United States

“I had the privilege of working with Dr. Gerrit Pelzer for 3 months. His kindness, compassion, and ability to centre on his client is evident in every session. Gerrit’s awareness of his self and others allows him to healthily challenge his clients in their thinking, self perception and everyday behavior. His flexibility and commitment to his clients are commendable and attributes that will lead to great success in the future.”

Joann, Canada

“…I have had the privilege of being coached by Gerrit Pelzer and found him to be a warm and deeply thoughtful coach. He is able to create a safe and comfortable environment in which to share thoughts and feelings. He asks great questions that help turn the perspective around, to look at the situation from another vantage point. He is very respectful of cultural and life differences and gently seeks to clarify what has been said before proceeding to ask more thought provoking questions. Gerrit reflects back what has been said and focusses on the main issues to facilitate goal setting and action plans.

I highly recommend Gerrit to anyone seeking excellent, professional coaching.”

Mandy, Australia