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My executive leadership development programs are based on my experience in senior corporate roles in Europe and in Asia, and over a thousand hours of executive coaching. They combine assessments, tools and individual coaching sessions to suit each of your leaders’ specific needs.

Your leaders will follow seven interconnected steps, gaining new insights into their own strengths and development areas. They will understand how key stakeholders perceive them and specifically what is expected of them. Your leaders will develop new leadership skills, gain clarity and focus, and will be enabled to take their and their team’s performance to the next level.

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How is the Six Month Leadership Upgrade different from other leadership development programs?

The program has the following unique features:

• Unlimited Support

Your leaders get all the support that they need – without having to keep track of the hours we spend together. The value for you is in the results we achieve, and not in the hours spent coaching. Whilst coaching sessions can be scheduled, some problems just can’t wait: your executives can call me any time, they can send me as many emails as they like, and we can have up to one 1:1 coaching session per week.

• Open Duration Sessions

Your executives never have to clock watch during coaching sessions. There is no optimum duration for a coaching session. I had clients who achieved breakthroughs in 30 minutes, and other sessions that took more than 2 hours. Whilst we will be focused and efficient, a session will not end before it is complete for your executive.

• Professional Assessments

Your leaders will get invaluable insight into their strengths and how they are perceived. They will benefit from selective use of proven tools and assessments, which are included at no additional costs, e.g.: Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®), Voices® or Tilt 360 Degree Feedback,  Personalized Stake-Holder Interviews, Hogan Leadreship Forecast, Coach Master Toolkit, and more…

You can download a pdf version of the Six Month Leadership Upgrade brochure here.

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