Mindful Reptiles — Leadership Master Class 2017

Are you an executive who wants to improve your leadership skills? Do you want to get more from your team, organization and yourself in 2017? Then our Leadership Master Class in a group coaching format might be just what you need!

Once a month, experienced, like-minded and like-challenged leaders meet in a safe, confidential environment to discuss their most urgent and complex challenges. All led by an expert leadership coach.

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Will a Six Pack Make You a Better Person?

With almost 90 years of Napoleon Hill, Stephen Covey, Tony Robbins and all the other gurus, the world should be flooded with rich and happy people by now, shouldn’t it? For most people though, achieving exceptional success is not as easy as many want to make you believe it is. In reality, the Optimization Madness that came as a side-effect of great self-help and motivational advice has a devastating impact: a lot of otherwise well-educated people are terribly unhappy these days…

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European vs. Asian Leaders — or: Useless Discussions vs. Results-Oriented Action

As a leader in the East or in the West, you truly need to embrace diversity & inclusion. It’s not just a buzzword. You need to learn from others and adapt the best from everywhere. You must also keep an eye on your strengths: an overused strength turns into a weakness. And to my European friends, the Germans in particular: I wish you stopped discussing just for the sake of discussions, and instead used your great abilities to focus on getting results…

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Forget about Performance Improvement Plans and Fire Your Low-Performers

Performance Improvement Plans (PIPs) usually don’t work. Once you’ve ticked everything on your to do list what a boss needs to do to create an engaging work environment, then low individual performance is usually an indication for just one thing: the employee is simply in the wrong job. No PIP will resolve this problem; it will just prolong the suffering before the employment contract is ultimately terminated.