If Not Now, Then When? Stop Procrastinating and Take Immediate Action!

We all know this: there is a task at hand, and we convince ourselves that tomorrow or next week is still a good time to get it done. It can be a major undertaking like starting your own business, or just a small job, like cleaning up the room or bringing down the garbage. (Some people have successfully developed an intricate concept that keeps them from emptying the bin until pieces start overflowing… You would never do that, of course.)

However, sometimes we also procrastinate and postpone things that we would actually like to do. But because we think the timing is not right, we do not feel sufficiently prepared, or we are just not confident enough we prevent ourselves from taking the next steps.

One bitter encounter of postponing things in my life was visiting my grandaunt in her retirement home. She was so proud of moving into a brand-new room, and every weekend I had better things to do. – Until the day that I was notified that my grandaunt had died. I never saw her in her new room…