best-coaching-1I love coaching! It’s an honor for me to accompany others for a while along their journey, and seeing clients progress in their personal and professional lives is utmost rewarding.

Some moments in coaching can be very touching, surprising, or scary. Let me share some of the events that left a lasting impression:

“For the first time in my life I started thinking about myself.”
–55 years old Senior Vice President who received coaching to improve his ‘perception management’

“Yesterday I used coaching techniques with my 6 years old son. Instead of telling him what to do I asked him ‘Ok, this is not what you wanted, right? How else can you do it?’ I literally saw him thinking, he tried new ways of doing it, succeeded, and gave me this big smile, proud he achieved it all by himself”
–Senior Manager and father of two

A Director from Europe was worried he might get fired during his expat assignment. “And then?” I asked. He thought for a moment. “Then I’ll do something else,” and he bursted into broad laughter, “I’ll just do something else!” he repeated, still laughing. The laughter was contagious, and laughing is healthy, isn’t it?

“Last week I had my annual performance appraisal with my boss. He rated me higher than I rated myself!” a Senior Manager told me with a big grin. (We were woking on time management and enhancing personal effectiveness at work.)

And finally an (initially) scary experience:

“One of my staff resigned after the first coaching session”, said a Managing Partner who started applying ‘coaching skills for leaders.’ “No, no,” he said when he saw me somewhat terrified, “it was a good result after all! We had a very constructive discussion, and for the first time we talked openly about mutual expectations at work. It turned out that there was a big gap between our viewpoints. We concluded that this gap would be too hard to bridge for us, and that it will be better for both him and my organization to go separate ways.”

I never know what to expect in the next coaching session, and I am bursting with curiosity to find out! Next one will be soon.


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