Executive-Coaching-Life-Coaching-2013Happy New Year Everyone!

Recently I was asked to hold a change management workshop for a major multi-national corporation. One of the objectives was “to understand the importance of change.”

Really? I was wondering what I could tell participants about the “importance of change”. Isn’t it obvious?

Are you still using mechanical typewriters?
Do you still send the majority of your messages by snail mail?
And when you have tooth pain, do you go to the barber’s shop?

Does a company really need to hire someone to tell their employees that change is important while it is so obvious?

Change just happens every minute, every second. Whether you like it or not, the world is constantly changing. While you are reading this, you have already changed. Cells in your body have died, others grew, and your brain has probably made some new connections.

You can either adjust to permanently changing circumstances or ignore them – good luck.

However, despite the obvious need for change, a certain reluctance to change is human. Change often requires to stretch or even leave our comfort zone, and we don’t necessarily like this in the first place.

Today I once again recognized my own Immunity to Change - or should I say laziness? With all the New Year Greetings popping up on Facebook, I felt I should also post something on my page. First thing that came to my mind was to just repost the ebook I wrote last Year “Why You Should not Have New Year Resolutions.” Quick and easy. Second thing I noticed was that the ebook was actually already two years old, not just one… Third, when browsing my own pamphlet I realized that so much has changed over the last two years, that I did not feel very comfortable with the content anymore. I have learned new things, I have a different view on the world, and I even found that the “about me” page was no longer valid.

Like it or not, change is inevitable. And laziness does not work. I simply couldn’t re-post a two year old message, I didn’t want to do without New Year Greetings at all, and so I had to invest some time in writing this short 400-or-so words post. If it triggers a new thought or helps you change just one thing in the New Year it has served its purpose well.

Live long and prosper, may the force be with you, and may you make some amazing changes in 2013 and 2556!

2 Responses to Why Change is Necessary and Laziness Does not Work Out

  1. Anne Minarik says:

    Lieber Gerrit,
    danke für die guten Wünsche.
    Neugierig wie ich bin, möchte ich gern von Dir die Lösung von 2556 wissen. Was wird in 543 Jahren sein?
    Erschließ’ mir doch bitte Deine Gedanken.
    Herzliche Grüße

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